Information About Returns

At The London Halal Meat Company (HBH), nothing is more important than the needs of our customers. Our commitment to putting our customers first is the primary influence in our return policy. We are committed to offering you the very best service and the very best produce and we guarantee the quality of all goods and produce you order from us.

At the Time of Delivery

It is essential that you check your delivery is complete when receiving your order. The London Halal Meat Company cannot honour shortage claims if you have signed to confirm your order was complete at the time of delivery.

The London Halal Meat Company will use this information to ensure you are credited for any items you did not receive.

After the Delivery

To ensure food safety guidelines and to maintain our high standards of customer service refrigerate immediately.  Once a delivery has been completed we cannot accept returns under the following circumstances as explained below:

Produce and Perishables – It is essential that you thoroughly inspect all produce, dairy, fresh meat, and poultry products at time of delivery. Due to the nature of these products, our commitment to product integrity and food safety, we are unable to accept the return of any produce delivered to you. If we do not meet your reasonable satisfaction, we may, in our absolute discretion, send you a voucher to the value of the goods that have fallen short of your expectations.


Contacting the Team

Complaints in respect of service will be reviewed by our customer services department and we promise to respond to you within 24 hours whenever possible.

Complaints in respect of the quality of the goods you receive will be forwarded to our Development Team for review and we promise whenever possible to respond to you with 24 hours.

Our Customer Service Department can be reached at 020 3538 8088 & They will help you in any unsatisfactory situation caused by our end.