Lamb Paya

Lamb Paya (EA)

Grass Fed Lamb Feet Are An Old-Fashioned Favourite That’s Prized In Many Cuisines Around The World.

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Chicken Legs Without Skin (Per Kg)

Pack Size: 1 KG (3-4 Pieces)

1kg Serves 3-4 People

The Legs, Or Dark Meat, Of A Chicken Have More Flavour Than The Breast And Great.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings With Skin (Per Kg)

Ready To Wing It?

Pack Size: 1 Kg (10-12 Pieces)

Half Peri Peri Chicken

Half Peri Peri Chicken (Each)

I’m Hot For You!


Tandoori Chicken

Grade A Chicken.

I’m Traditional For You!

Pack Size: Based on a 800g-1000g bird.

£4.99 Per Bird
Lamb Bones Only

Lamb Bones Only (Per Kg)

Our lamb comes from livestock who have spent time years grazing on clover-rich grass which gives a distinctively rich flavour.

Baby Chicken

Baby Chicken (Serves 1-2) (Each)

Pack Size: 800g-1000g Per Whole Bird.

From: £4.99
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2 Joint Chicken Wings (Per Kg)

You Might Think They’re Fussy, But Give Our Chicken Wings a Go and We’re Certain These Little Morsels of Deliciousness Will Become Your New Favorite.

From: £4.99
Chicken Drumsticks Skin On

Chicken Drumsticks With Skin (Per Kg)

Pack Size: 1 KG (8-10 Pieces)

Affordable, Versatile And Full Of Flavor – This Meat Cut Wins On All Fronts.

Chicken Drumstick Skin Off

Chicken Drumsticks Without Skin (Per Kg)

Perfect For Every Occasion from Picnics To Buffets, Quick Suppers To Leisurely Barbecues.

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