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Half Peri Peri Chicken

Half Peri Peri Chicken (Each)

I’m Hot For You!


Tandoori Chicken

Grade A Chicken.

I’m Traditional For You!

Pack Size: Based on a 800g-1000g bird.

£4.99 Per Bird
Peri Peri Chicken Wings

Peri Peri Chicken Wings (Per Kg)

I’m Hot For You!

Pack Size: 1 KG (10-12 Pieces)

Peri Peri Whole Chicken

Whole Peri Peri Chicken (Each)

I’m Hot For You!

Pack Size: Based On 800g-1000g Bird

Chicken Kebab Mince

Chicken Kebab Mince (Per Kg)

A Great Tasting Home Made Recipe Perfect For Kebabs Made From Succulent Chicken Thigh.

Mutton Kebab Mince

Mutton Kebab Mince (Per Kg)

All Quantities Shown In Kilograms.

All Prices Stated Per Kilogram.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka (Per Kg)

The Nations Favourite- It May Be Mild Without The Wild, But It’s Still Got The Classic Authentic Spirit Of A Homemade Recipe.

Peri Peri Chicken Cubes

Peri Peri Chicken Cubes (1Kg)

I’m Hot For You!

Beef Oxtail

Beef Oxtail (Per Kg)

Tail Meat From Cattle Which Is Usually Slow-Cooked As A Stew Or Braised And Great Value For Money.

Chicken Burgers

Fresh Chicken Burgers (Per Kg)

Try Our Special Hand Made Burgers.

Beef Cubes

Beef Cubes (Per Kg)

Perfect For Hot And Hearty Meals Such As Stews And Casseroles, This Beef Should Be Cooked Slowly For Full Flavour Release And A Melt In The Mouth Texture.

Beef Mince

Beef Mince (Per Kg)

Typical percentage of fat content under 5%

Lean and tasty. Perfect for lasagne and mince pies.

Mutton Masala Chops

Mutton Masala Chops (Per Kg)

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom

Beef Knuckle Steak (Per Kg)

Masala Beef Steak (Per Kg)

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

Beef Fillet

Beef Fillet (Per Kg)

Matured for 28 days for extra tenderness. 200g e per steak

The most prized cut of beef for many, the fillet is extremely tender and suits quick cooking. It is very lean with almost no fat running through it, it’s the meat’s soft texture that is most prized.

Beef Steak

Beef Steak (Per Kg)

Matured For 28 Days For Extra Tenderness. 200g E-Per Steak

The Most Prized Cut Of Beef For Many, The Fillet Is Extremely Tender And Suits Quick Cooking. It Is Very Lean With Almost No Fat Running Through It, It’s The Meat’s Soft Texture That Is Most Prized.


Lamb Burgers (Per Kg)

Try Our Special Hand Made Burgers.

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